Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Green Motion - Reduce Glyphosate to Zero Now ref: 764328/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Proposed Calendar of Meetings 2024/25 ref: 764228/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Confirmation of Political Proportionality and Appointments to Committees and Commissions ref: 764128/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Pay Policy Statement 2024/25 ref: 764028/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Stamford Hill Area Action Plan ref: 763928/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Children and Families Service Full Year Update Report to Members 2022/23 ref: 763828/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Equality Plan 2024-26 ref: 763728/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Budget and Council Tax Report 2024/25 ref: 763628/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Minutes of the Previous Meeting ref: 763528/02/202428/02/2024Not for call-in
Nominations to Outside Bodies and Updated Executive Committee Membership ref: 762926/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CED S272 Equality Plan - Final Draft ref: 762826/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CHE S303 Public Spaces Protection Order Dog Control ref: 762726/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
AHI S299 Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2024- 2029 ref: 762626/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
F S252 Chalkhill Partners - Temporary Accommodation Acquisition and Lease Project ref: 762426/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CHE S221 Consolidation Of Historic Smoke Control Orders And Public Consultation ref: 762526/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
F S296 Community Municipal Investment - Green Loan Issuance ref: 762326/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CHE S290 Woodberry Down Phase 4 Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) ref: 762226/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CHE S249 Stamford Hill Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document ref: 762126/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CHE S246 Stamford Hill Area Action Plan ref: 762026/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
CE S288 Children and Families Service Full Year Update Report to Members 2022/23 ref: 761926/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
F S242 2024/25 Budget and Council Tax Report ref: 761826/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
F S214 Capital Update and Property Disposals and Acquisitions Report ref: 761726/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in
F S215 2023/24 Overall Financial Position Report - December 2023 ref: 761626/02/202426/02/2024Not for call-in